6 thoughts on “Guess who will win this fight?”

  1. I think that Apple will win the global sales game for this round of product, but the Xiaomi release will be one of its biggest ever and help raise its profile further in China.

    As to who will actually sell more units in China? Given Xiaomi’s pricing, I would be surprised if they don’t sell more than Apple. But, given Apple’s pricing, it will continue to retain value/prestige in China as a premium/aspiration halo-type device & status symbol…and that should not be discounted; it means that Apple will continue to be associated with luxury, as Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are in the Chinese car market.

  2. “It’s targeting America, China, and RoW.” So basically, everywhere…

    At that point, this comparison doesn’t even make sense. Just because each device is available in both locations does not mean they cannot both be successful. The 5c will barely move the needle in China, but it could be really effective in western markets where phone are subsidized and people are trained to think $100 is a big deal.

    Xiaomi’s biz model is not centered around hardware margins. They plan for services and content. Unless they nail that down in each and every country they play in, they become a great Android alternative to re-skin as you please. It’s a false victory if you can’t make money on your services across all markets.

    They’ll both win and lose depending on where they go and the dynamics of each market. The world is not as flat as this question makes it seem.

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