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    1. Colin

      It all depends on the budget one has — there are a lot of interesting lower priced pens, but the value and quality and class can be found in relatively costlier pens. I have found that between $150-to-$350 buys you a pen that will do many years of hard duty. I have gone through many variations and have finally settled on three — one for letter writing, one for more casual writing and one for special documents. They all vary in prices — $125 to about $600. These days, when I am out reporting I throw an inexpensive Montevista Arista in by bag – it is about $55 and I use plain blue or dark purple cartridges. Nib is fine, but frankly I don’t like the way it feels on my notebooks. It works well on Rhodia dot.pads though. I bought it on a lark when picking up ink from a local store. Again, not something that will survive the winter for me.

    1. Yes – that is a challenge, but not enough to worry too much about it. Sometimes it is good to tear sheets out as well.

  1. I really like Muji’s double ring “dot grid” notebooks- no pressure to be perfect, ability to tear sheets, dots that aren’t too constraining (but provide some gentle guidance). And they’re cheap and pretty sleek.


    Brian Lam over at the Wirecutter did some meta-research on cheap pens:
    http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-pen/ and likes the uni-ball Jetstream.


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