2 thoughts on “America, Poverty & Hope”

  1. Om, I couldn’t agree more and love the idea that we can benefit from the micro-credit experience in India. I, too am betting on the future. I recognize, however, that it will require intentional consistent and even aggressive effort in whatever form, to ensure the future. I love the ventures you have created and am a huge fan of gigaom. As an African American 50+ year old woman, I recognize that I am probably not your typical demographic profile, but without gigaom, I’ not sure we would be able to follow key technology trends.

    I want to introduce you to my venture, itsashort.com. It is a short film, video and webisode distribution platform for award winning media artists. Please check out the launch page and register, follow us on FB. I would like to keep you posted on our progress. These artists frequently don’t have any meaningful option to monetize their work, we represent such an idea, not meant entirely to be disruptive but certainly designed to create more efficiency in this market place…see you on the planes of success….

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