16 thoughts on “Happy Fountain Pen Day”

  1. Something quite magical about writing with fountain pens – in fact, writing with fountain pens is the only thing I love about hand writing these days. Incidentally, I recently discovered this wonderful brand, Sailor – it’s a Japanese brand, relatively obscure, compared to the Mont Blancs and the Watermans, incredibly cheap (relatively speaking) and makes some of the finest fine nibs – in fact, their fine nibs are perceptibly superiors to the Mont Blancs, et al, which are at least 5-6 times more expensive. Test drive them, if you can.

  2. Oh my, love the pen and ink photos….drooling now.;) I use fountain pens most every day and I love the elegance and old fashioned beauty they add to handwriting. Plus, I just love seeing people’s reactions to them.

  3. Meaningful sentiments have a higher caliber of meaning when there is some thought & effort behind them. Writing personal notes is becoming a lost art form. We continue to live and aspire to do things faster. So nice to slow down once in a while. You’ve inspired me to write hand written notes/letters again to my wife, my son, my family at least once a week! #writeonpaperchallenge

  4. I absolutely love writing with a fountain pen. Used to have one that fit perfectly in my hand but I found out the hard way that it didn’t “travel” well. The bladder exploded on an overseas flight — all over the contents of my purse. Now I make sure my fountain pens are grounded.

  5. Thanks for bring to my attention yet another way for me to obsess over bringing more appreciation for quality experience into my life. I thought I had pen lust under control. πŸ˜‰

  6. As a child I had an obsession for fountain pens and saved up money in my wooden safe to buy brands such as Platignum and Parker. I still love signing my checks and architectural drawings with fountain pens. I love the smell of in and free flowing nibs.

    1. Norman

      I am in the phase of finding my favorite pen – I have a vintage Montblanc — I am less likely to use it because of what it means to me from an emotional standpoint. If all fails, I will get a modern version of it. I am told Sailor pens are exceptional – especially on the upper end of the spectrum. Thinking about that as an option!

      1. Hi Om,

        Yes, Sailor nibs are excellent. It’s hard to go wrong with one. Should you ever need tweaking of your nibs (sounds strange, I know πŸ™‚ then I’d recommend Michael Masuyama. He worked for Sailor for 23 years, and started his own business a number of years ago: http://www.mikeitwork.com/NibRepair.html. He’d also be able to help you select the best Sailor nib for your needs (as you probably know, they have *many*).


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