3 thoughts on “Bloomberg, thinking person’s business network”

  1. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that someone as mellow, understanding and perceptive as the Om might have known Barry Ritholtz from your days back in NYC. Or so I presume.

    One of our favorite events at breakfast time is to catch Barry Ritholtz as a guest on Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene. His wit and insight may not be as subtle as yours, Om – but, his frankness and honesty is as thoroughly appreciated as your own.

  2. Ha! Om you should warn your readers about hideous sites before recommending they actually click the link. Seriously, we deserve better. The bloomberg site is awful and don’t even get me started on Barry’s site. Ugh. Although Barry and Bloomberg may in fact have valuable insights, their presentation belies this (the value of presentation is disproportionate to the actual content … a sad fact that I try to explain to my daughters on a weekly basis). Unfortunately, it reflects badly on you for recommending their sites. Go figure.

    Be careful is all I am saying.

    In all other respects, keep up your great work.

    Respectfully, Michael Leishman
    leish2 – at – gmail

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