9 thoughts on “New addition: Kaweco Sport Classic Fountain Pen”

  1. This post is a joy!
    Being a pen lover all my life, you have no idea how happy I feel just to see the pictures 🙂
    Fountain pens are expensive here in Chile, but I may consider to sart thinking about a collection, why not?
    Happy new year and thank you for blogging this kind of things 😀

  2. Cool! – someone who loves to write with your actual INK! I have the fountain pen my husband gave me more years ago than I can recall; but the ink dries out constantly. Seriously thinking of finding somewhere to see about getting that fixed …

  3. You ought to try the Nakaya Piccolo “cigar” model… I have 2 in the kuro-tamenuri iris hi finish… they are a bit bigger than the Sport but does share the absolutely simple clean aesthetic of the Sport… only downer is the huge price difference but for a completely handmade fountain pen they can not be beaten… oh and the nibs…? just beautiful!

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