4 thoughts on “Some of my favorite posts (by me) of 2013”

  1. The politics might get interesting instead of just frustrating. Political economy has generally defined the Democrats owned by Wall Street and Republicans owned by Big Oil. The Dems certainly have the market cornered on Technocrats – though there is no historic requirement for loyalty to that party.

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    This post, by one of my favorite bloggers, Om Malik, gives you an “at a glance” perspective of the past year in social media and technology — and where it’s heading next in the future. With the irrational exuberance of the #Twitter IPO this week, expect more startups and more technologies and companies that layer on top of Social Media. It’s a new “dot com” boom and I’d call it “Web 3.0.” Those who understand social media will profit the most in this coming wave — if you have a lot of social followers and influence today, you will be one of the Oprahs and Arianna Huffingtons of tomorrow.

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