Some of my favorite posts (by me) of 2013

It has be a wonderful year in technology — a year of change, a year of disruptions, a year of disappointments and of course a year of surprises. It was also the year I was perhaps least prolific compared to earlier years. If anything 2013 was the year when I made a slow transition from contently being in rapid-write/break-news mode to a more paced and column like approach to writing. It is not to say I didn’t try and break news — did that often enough — but the longer form posts give me more satisfaction.

The ground work done in 2013 will help me prepare for a more essay/column oriented writing I want to pursue in the future. As you may (or may not) have noticed that I have started writing a column for FastCompany magazine — my first one was about the coming era of magical computing — and it has exposed me to a different tempo of organizing my thoughts, thinking through ideas and writing with a much longer term perspective.

I am picking out some of my favorite posts of 2013. I picked them because they highlighted a few major themes that emerged over past 12 months.

  1. Technology is being slowly embedded in all aspects of society and it is no surprise that many traditional non-tech companies are buying their way into Silicon Valley. 
  2. The challenges of the connected future are less technical and more legislative, political and philosophical — and data is part of that future. 
  3. We live in a data rich, almost data polluted world. In this world we are going to need the equivalent of a digital bauhuas — and experience design is going to be part of it. 
  4. The future of media – how we create it, consume it and monetize it – is very different from our long held conceptions. What is not different: value of attention.  

In no particular order my dozen picks for 2013:

There are six others posts from 2013, that aren’t necessarily part of a theme. They are also not essays, except I just liked writing them. 

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