8 thoughts on “What is Instagram’s next big thing? Messaging, perhaps”

  1. The biggest deficiency of modern day IT intellectual is the embarrassing lack understanding of warfare brands, all they obsesses over is the warfare of eyeballs, even though Steve Jobs left behind the blueprint. People are just so insecure about their products these days, I mean its OK to have only 200million users, an iPhone cant even bluetooth a music file, but people still love the devices regardless, so there is no need for these lame attempts at user acquisition. I knew they have lost the plot the moment they had instagram video, all they are doing now is making an (accidental) high-end brand cheap with every technological breakthrough. Instagram being envious of Snapchat is like Wall Street Journal being envious of PornHub.

  2. InstaMessenger is already a valid and popular tool for private messages within Instagram, well, the tool was created by a third-party and by Instagram. More regarding messaging on 6mobiles.com

  3. cool… then they can add status updates. then a timeline… then we can call it insta-face-book! but it’ll be different cos it has filters. just stick to photos please.

  4. With messaging is a ‘battle for attention’ winner the same as a market win?

    Got to wonder and not completely facetious here.

    Once everything is a snack–information. Connection. Action. What’s at hand to handle these mini actions may indeed be a winner?

    btw–this is a good post that I ran into earlier, that touches on this general theme–>http://insights.wired.com/profiles/blogs/the-mobile-revolution-why-action-based-apps-will-win-with#ixzz2ln5DJe4g

  5. What an exceptional way to stimulate engagement on a new devise than with the launch of a new feature? Many people will experience Instagram for the first time, and loyal users will want to experiment with the service on a new platform. The addition of a new feature could make the app that much more appealing.

    Thanks for the interesting read.

  6. Integration with Twitter should be the next innovation, not messaging. At the moment you need to click away from Twitter to see Instagram photos – leaving them wide-open to a competitor. For a while there you could not even see a photo without logging into Instagram, which was the dumbest move of all. Twitter users do not want to click away, or log-in to another site, just to see a photo.

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