11 thoughts on “Number Six”

  1. In 33 days I will be celebrating the beginning of my 3rd bonus year, cancer for me, and I was just thinking this morning how easy it is for people to forget that it’s really a countdown. Time for us is not infinite and it’s so much better to appreciate this moment rather than wish it away for a better one.

  2. Congratulations on your sixth year anniversary! My husband had a near fatal medical condition on Labor Day 2008. Every year we celebrate his new life, and he’s coming up on six years as well. I’m sure your sixth year will be wonderful. As my husband reminds me, every day is a gift!

  3. To the next six. And the ones that follow. And to being able to manage your analog timeline better. From someone who’s a year into his second six. All the best.

  4. Congratulations on becoming – and staying – conscious of how precious our time is. Good luck with the next 6 days, weeks, months, years…. decades?

  5. Here’s to more 6’s to come. How are you planning on keeping 2014 and subsequent years from going out of control. Your choices will influence and impact many, hence is the ask.

  6. Hard to fathom that we almost lost you to a heart attack. So glad you are still here sharing your wit and wisdom. You are living proof that nice guys can finish first…and come back from tragedy. Celebrate responsibly 🙂

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