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  1. Regards, Om. I think that Facebook Exchange + Instagram´s Ads and Twitter´s Ads are working in the future of Advertising for two main reasons:
    – They have invested heavily in Mobile platforms, which is becoming in the first screen for everyone.
    – Th proliferation of Mobile device usage and Internet usage around the world is increasing exponentially

    I talked in my blog about this:

  2. It does feel like we’re regressing in some ways, to the benefit of the consumer (ie behavior-cookie based advertising). Kind of went overboard with technology.

    A sentence that stood out to me in your article was, “..though it is hard to tell if those ads are paying off for the advertisers.”

    Are you seeing a softening of the demand for click-through type analytics by brands? Back to the billboard, brand awareness value? Do you think the measurement will follow soon enough of an Instagram ad or brands won’t worry about it?

    Very thought-provoking article; thank you.

  3. Important to note that there is a difference between direct response advertising and brand advertising. Services like Instagram and Pinterest seem custom made for brand advertising online (the type of advertising that websites/networks have tried to shoehorn into their direct response model for the past decade without real success). If an advertiser approaches creating ads for these venues with a direct response mindset, not only would the service suffer but the ads would fail as well.

  4. All of this fails to look at the Elephant in the room. Consumers, by and large, do not like ads. They merely put up with them to enjoy free or reduced cost services.

    While Instagram has trotted out a couple of great looking sponsored ads you have to ask yourself “Is this indicative of the quality of ads i’m going to see after a larger rollout?” Hulu used to be great when they had sparse ads. I left for a while and then re-subscribed only to find out that the average ads in a given show had doubled. I quickly cancelled.

    My Facebook timeline is riddled with ads. As Facebook’s advertising revenue goes up so does the discord from longtime users.

  5. Banner ads “somewhat ineffective tool”?

    You lost all credibility after that statement as you clearly don’t know anything about online advertising..

  6. Great article and interesting question… while it may make a dent on the short term, in my opinion it’s a long way from being changing much of the current scene. I will refrain from commenting on the Mad Men mentions.

    The future of brand advertising depends on two factors:
    1. Emotional impact and
    2. Moment of intent.

    Today there’s no online medium that can handle 1. As you say banners are a sorry excuse for advertising that hasn’t done anything for the industry nor the consumer.

    About 2, well search ads are actually the biggest revolution in advertising since the creative revolution. And it’s hard to beat that moment of intent. Google main “danger” in that zone is Facebook Graph Search, but that’s at least another year or two down the line. Probably more.

    Every major change in the advertising business has been able to drive multi-billion dollar industries on their own. Will this? Can you see Burberry living exclusively off Instagram advertising?

    IMO, the future of advertising is being built with things like Google Now, and other ways of giving the right message to the right person at the moment when they’re searching for something like that. I wrote an article called A History of Advertising that pointed down the line of the future of advertising: http://www.mirarmedia.com/2013/a-viewpoint-on-advertising-history/

    But, on the other-hand Instagram ads like this are a huge upgrade from banners and maybe with advertising like this we’ll be able to rid the world of banners, and that would be a big step forward.

    Hope I’ve not trolled too much and managed to add some insight to the debate. 🙂

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