7 thoughts on “Kevin Kelly & the power of ideas”

  1. For many years I wore cynicism as a point of pride. I thought it meant I was a keen observer and possessed wisdom. I am also and have always been one of the most hopeful people I knew and at 60 I still am. I appreciate Kelly’s observation of the mass migration of hopeful immigrants. Eric Hoffer wrote of this in his book on mass migration, The True Believer. I see all entrepreneurs as hopeful immigrants to the world of new possibility. As I get older and the business success I seek seems riskier, I realize that cynicism is cancerous to my dream and I battle it whenever I feel unsure and insecure. Hope wins each time, thankfully. Hope is a very powerful force for good in this world.

  2. Looking forward to a new Whole Earth Catalog! Issue one of Wired, and then Mondo 2000 changed my path through life.

    Kevin is one of the greats, and seems so focused on a simple powerful goal — sharing. He is so very inspiring.

  3. Hey Om! I see now why you are such a great journalist: 1) you really listen well, and 2) you make people sound smarter than they are. I was just spouting off whatever came to my mind and yet you listened carefully and extracted the best parts and make it sound sensible. It was equally great to meet you, and now I can call myself YOUR fan.

    I owe you a book.


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