11 thoughts on “The Snapchat Drama”

  1. Well said – in particular the point about founders helping maintain the DNA of a company over the long haul.

  2. Quixotic. Know that word?
    Snapchat seems to be disappearing as fast as it appeared.
    Have you ever signed up for SnapChat? I opened up about 10 accounts in 3 minutes.
    Have you ever sent a snapchat? I sent 5000 ‘snaps’ machine gun style in about 2 hours.
    The numbers oh wise one are highly questionable.

    1. If i can open up 10 accounts in 3 minutes.
      send 5000 snaps in 2 hours. What is the actual worth of something so “Ephemeral”?
      Especially when it can be duplicated very quickly. Timed disappearances are not exactly rocket science. So far as ephemeral goes? Pretty damned easy to take a screenshot. Not seeing the value here in tinker toys. This is a useless product, as temporary as its nature. Bernie Madoff might as well run for its CEO. I’m not seeming much value here in Tulips.

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