Media, Attention Etc.

Lot of talk on media these days. Here are my two cents from the archives

Over the past few years we have started to see the transformation of media by new technologies, new methods of distribution and newer ways to consume information I have always believed that we’ve got to stop thinking of media as what it was and focus on more of what it could be. In the world of plenty, the only currency is attention and attention is what defines “media.” Zynga is fighting Hollywood for attention (and winning). Instagram is taking moments away from other media. They have attention. There are old companies that are dying and new ones that are being invented. 

Bottom line, those who opine on media are still viewing it from the old lens of media. Unless that doesn’t stop, we are going to stay in situation of media flux. 

P.S. Replace Zynga with King or whatever is hot today.

A letter from Om

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