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  1. Transparency is usually a concern in these deals, but I really don’t see a problem here. They pretty much stated the obvious and threw in some tidbits. I think it will be a step forward and a good acquisition. Got some good writers to boot lol.

  2. Congrats Om, Ryan and everyone involved! Just makes so much sense… Congrats Ernie, really excited for you!

  3. Om, congratulations. What plans do you have for reviving Contentsutra? Sad that paidcontent gave up on that property although we have a very fine alternative in medianama back here in India

  4. Congrats to all. I read the last half of this 3 times, from “Media is the New Wild West,” and am fired up to see Om and team acting on this sentiment. Words to live by. Great news for long-time fans of both PaidContent and GigaOM and for the future of media.

  5. “We are indeed buying the assets of ContentNext Media from Guardian News & Media Limited.”

    Doesn’t Microsoft own paidContent, MocoNews, The Guardian, etc?

  6. I really wish you and paid content the better luck, I believe that content is king, I won’t think twice about acquiring content makers like paid content, it will pay itself. What’s next? An iPad news application that rock, a dedicated Tech Channel on Youtube or on its own domain. You got the content.

    1. @anon
      Did you even read the post?
      Om said he’s not disclosing.
      But your ‘anon’ and “how much”
      sure were ignorant.

  7. Congrats Om. I feel there is not much appreciation when an onward moving tech or media company acquires another. On the other hand when someone gives up on their company (or exit )and makes a moolah , it usually excites a whole lot for the only reason – Big check. But I am glad, that an insightful company like yours is moving in the right way and I am excited as I know I will continue to get quality content ahead.

  8. Congratulations Om,
    and to team old and new!

    I was hoping that during this era of consolidation, you would expand, rather than be acquired by some media giant!

    The tech and social industries need hard, objective news, and tough, honest, concise commentary.

    Best going forward!

  9. Congratulations to the teams at GigaOm and ContentNext. WikiOrgCharts.com has created an organizational chart of the GigaOm company. http://bit.ly/wdOSda

    If you know the rest of the puzzle feel free to place people in their appropriate spots. You can do it anonymously

  10. This is wonderful news. I’m a fan of both paidContent and gigaOm. These teams blend. Congrats! Tell me how I can participate.

  11. I’m a longtime fan excited to be joining the team! And thanks, Om, for taking the time to write about why you and your team invited us to join the GigaOm family.

  12. Hi Om, it’s @juliejulie! Congrats on the aquisition. I’m working at HP now, and have just started following PaidContent recently. Great stuff. Seems like a fantastic partnership.

  13. Thanks, Om and all my new colleagues for the warm welcome! You guys have been a class act from the get-go. Can’t wait to work with you!

  14. This is exciting Om. Congrats and best of luck to you.

    I’m a long-term follower so looking forward to a broader array of reporting.

  15. Congratulations Om! Great move. I agree with you that “Media is the new WIld West” but, the “Wild West” is in the West!

    Our media industry in N.California is growing by leaps and bounds, the Old Media of the East, New York City, is not. The key differentiator is paying for content – if you pay you lose. I’m not saying this is right, but it’s the way it is, it’s how VCs and investors value media companies. In that regard, it’s understandable why you would feel at home in NYC 🙂

    And why is Guardian Media group selling? It’s one of the few of the traditional media companies that has been aggressive in its online ventures — yet even when you “get it” there’s no guarantees you can make it.

    The web is a disruptive media technology and what people forget is: disruptive technologies disrupt. Even if companies see the train wreck on the tracks ahead it’s no guarantee they can avoid it. Disruptive technologies disrupt. Even relatively “new” media companies aren’t safe.

    There’s plenty of disruption still ahead for the media industry as a whole.

    The media is dying but long live the media! We have more media today in more formats, forms, time of day, than at anytime in history. How will it change us?

    We know media does change us, it changes our thinking, our buying, our health, how we see things, how we don’t see things. Positive and negative aspects of our society are influenced by our media — now we have more of it than at any other time in human history. How will it change us? We know it will. That’s what interests me…

  16. I wish more “publishers” understood what you do about publishing, Om. This is great news and I am thrilled for all. For my dollar, everything that happens on gigaom is the correct definition of publishing… and what the future holds. Best of luck.

  17. It pains me to admit, but large buyouts, takeovers and mergers involving companies I admire invariably cause me worry, and this occasion was no different. Fortunately, this post has assuaged most of my fears!

    I wish everyone a smooth transition to the new extended GigaOm family. Yours is the blog network I read and trust above all else; where others have sensationalism, comment flame wars and link bait, GigaOm has thoughtful, reasoned posts from the best, most down to earth writers. The team from paidContent will only add to this formula, I’m sure 🙂


  18. I think that to the average person with a career in media, the key message is hard to pull out of this article. Congratulations on the acquisition nevertheless. I think you are on the right track…. As long as the world does not change tomorrow.

  19. Congratulations! paidContent is one of my favorite destinations. Looking forward to see what the future holds.

  20. Om, I am so thrilled for both you personally and for GigaOm as an organization! It has been absolutely amazing to watch your evolution since those early days back in the early 2000’s when there were a bunch of us writing primarily about VoIP and exploring how this “blogging” thing was going to change communication. You, my friend, have seized that change and really shown us all how it can be done. I think this acquisition is brilliant and I look forward to seeing where this new GigaOm world takes us! Congrats! – Dan

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