2 thoughts on “Data without context is dirt”

  1. Haven’t we been over this for year:
    Context is organized data
    Learning is the self organization of data

    Putting points(one dimensional data) in a heap doesn’t create data nor context. Or if you have to organize your points by artificial means you have already lost, just ask Jeff.

  2. Great title! I think the industry as a whole is suffering from this explosion. Everyone is talking about Big Data in the context of capturing more and more data, not filtering and digesting it… Just because you can record something, does not mean you should do it (or keep doing it).
    There are also two sides to this: what you are showing, and who you are showing it to. Not all data has meaning for everyone.
    This is something I’m trying to pay great attention to, as we build out our analytics at Badgeville, and I’m glad other folks are raising this flag as well.

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