[Video] The Age of Experience

A few weeks ago, when clearing out my Pocket read/watch list, I ended up coming across Aral Balkan’s wonderful talk, Superheroes & Villains in Design. He was speaking at UK’s Thinking Digital Conference. His talk was focused on the concept of experience design, something that is very near and dear to my heart. We even made it the main focus of our Roadmap conference in 2013 (and this year we are going to take the next step — stay tuned for details.)

Aral is currently working on IndiePhone, an entity that is building an operating system (indie OS), a cloud (indie Cloud) and an indie Phone. He plans to get this out into the market by 2016. (Check out his Free is a Lie talk as well.) If you are too impatient to sit through the entire video, below the fold you are going to find seven slides (from the talk) that sum-up essentially Aral’s sentiments. I tell you, you are going to miss out on a good one if you try and be hasty.

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