6 thoughts on “Festivus, journalism & Perugia”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Om. I totally agree with having an entirely open mind. While we embrace some old values like verification and accuracy over speed, we’re constantly trying to push the envelope. One thing we do try to concern ourselves with is how it actually helps readers. We don’t want to do things innovative just for the sake of innovation. At the end of the day, we’re concerned with how we can do things in new and interesting ways that readers want and that make readers more appreciative of our product.

    1. Thanks Anthony for your comment — agreed on all points! I think verification and accuracy are expectations folks have from media brands and now the brands have to do so at Internet speed. In the end it is about making sure you are making our customers happy!

  2. Great observations, and I particularly enjoyed following your visit to Perugia, where I studied a number of years ago. My former roommate is an Italian journalist, Franco Arcuti, who is based in Perugia. Perhaps you ran into him?

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