One thought on “Reinventing iTunes”

  1. Broaden and energize the other media in addition to music. I love movies – and like you – I enjoy any good series of mysteries and detective shows. iMedia doesn’t get it right; but, they can’t use iTV and they already use iMovie elsewhere.

    My use of Amazon broadened immensely with the extensions to Prime. Our family started with Prime because of lowered annual cost on every kind of product we buy from Amazon – but, when I became addicted to FRINGE and THE KILLING in the latter days of each of those series I was able to go to Amazon streaming and pick up back episodes for free – and started watching other series they had available.

    iTunes has some of the same; but, not all. That’s why we end up with a couple of streaming services.

    Not so incidentally, comparing technical aspects of Amazon Prime streaming now that it’s available on AppleTV – vs a Samsung “Smart” TV – Samsung ain’t even up to DOS 3.1.

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