6 thoughts on “It is all about the good stuff”

  1. The stories told in the meta data mirror the stories in the sky to be translated according to perception … good stories have happy magic endings.

  2. Hi Om, I’m really glad you shared your thoughts on long form content. At issuu, we repeatedly see how readers appreciate a strong helping of depth to go along with the barrage of snippet content. Last week, Gartner came out with a report stating that tablets will surpass shipments of PCs and smartphones. “Next year, traditional PCs and ultramobile devices will combine to ship 317 million units, while shipments of tablets will top 320 million.”

    The real growth of tablets now provides a comfortable and reliable way to read longer form content, digitally. So its’ time to jump on the digital publishing renaissance train!

  3. Long-form writing is great when it is supported by good writing and meaning. Long does not mean good. Good is good, and if it comes in long-form writing, so be it. But the same goes for short-form content. It has to be good to be worthy of your time. Short-form doesn’t have to be that good, because it doesn’t absorb a lot if your time.

    Short-form content is generally ascendant because we’ve all come to realize that much of what is produced by classic media outlets is so bland, so information-free, that it’s not worth much more than a headline and a subhead.

    Take sports for example. You want scores and highlights — that’s short-form / information-dense if it’s done right. If you want long-form sports writing, that stuff had better be damn good. It needs pacing and insight and color; it needs drama and a beginning, middle, and end; it needs a point beyond the facts.

    The only debate about long/short forms is amongst people that are accustomed to taking short-form content and stretching it out into medium- or long-form models in order to fit outdated publishing services (I’m looking at you, AP Style).

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