7 thoughts on “Sitting Still”

  1. Sitting still is doing a lot. Especially when it’s part of a broader practice. “Awareness” is often thrown in as an attempt to name part of this work, but it can go in diverse directions.
    Unless it’s a Seinfeld joke, sitting still isn’t doing nothing.

  2. Hopefully, there still is a campground in Bivigliano, north of Firenze, and still owned by a group of Nenni socialists. A summer retreat for activists and intellectuals, workers and students from around Tuscany.

    I spent a quiet, satisfying month camped there over 40 years ago – alternating between hikes or strolls through summer countryside and riding the rural bus route down to the tourist bustle in Firenze. Political and cultural fires in my mind fueled by discussions with young local activists on the verge of governing an urbanscape centuries in the making. Works of Michaelangelo punctuating every neighborhood. Yet, nothing could be more restful than the slow peace of farming communities surrounding that cultural battery.

    The bus stop was in front of a village bakery. Still warm schiacciata all’olio sold through a window open to the main street. Folks from the village taking the bus to work in the city chuckling because we were eating it up for breakfast while they saved theirs to supplement lunch. A typical, restful, 2-hour Tuscan lunch.

    Good times.

    1. Ed

      I had no idea about that compound but will put it on my future visit to-do list. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now” is talking about the same stillness and how to achieve it every day, might be something you’re interested in. But yes, it’s one of the hardest things to do.

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