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  1. hi there, I guess it’s a typo but the thing is Caffè sospeso not sospeco. take care

  2. and please consider it’s not all about paying coffee to somebody that cannot afford it. it is a process that involves good manners, friendly approach to life and strangers, topics of the mediterranean environment that in naples find their best expression… not the thing you can find or import in the far west with ease. better… you might be able to get it over there but although the result will be the same the plug that sparks it will be a totally different. will be translated into a politically correct thing… more like an I can therefore I should or I must do it rather than I want to do.

    1. I think that is implied in the actual act. No one takes the time to do something for others without expectation of something in return. This simple act means stepping out of “transaction” mode and actually do something selfless. It is a good way to make society change it’s gears.

  3. I’ve heard of a similar informal #PayItForward movement here in France for baguettes at bakeries.

    BTW, on the subject of Florence and shoes, you must visit the new shop and atelier (Via San Niccolò 2) of the late #StefanoBemer (1964-2012) ([DanielDayLewis apprenticed there for close to a year and became an accomplished shoemaker there] http://bit.ly/1udJoph – it’s in a converted Church – see @tommasomelani – and if you can’t make it there this trip here’s a lovely video: SCARPE D AUTORE – YouTube http://bit.ly/1udKlhi

    1. I did end up visiting there and enjoyed the shoes. I think they are going to be expanding to the US and will be selling at Leffot in New York

  4. Wow! I keep thinking about this all the time. Especially since I moved to UK from India. Everything seems to be calculated. A friendly gesture of offering someone coffee, is seen immediately noted and calculated, more or less this is the formula, “does this mean that I will have to return this favour?, does this mean that this person wants to be a friend?, “. With all these calculations, the coffee turns into poison. Why cannot people digest that offering a cuppa, or anything, can be just a human expression of sharing. Just that? I feel the same about money, I have seen people returning amount as small as 50p, and the other one gladly taking it back. It boggles me.

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