How Google can really help news & media

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  1. I am curious about this. There is a lot of stuff that is written about how we have more ‘information’ now, than our fellow humans had one hundred years back. This should allow us to make more intelligent decisions about issues like say, the environment. I think that we have more data, and we don’t have the time to allow this data to be processed in our brains to create information that we can use intelligently. Sometimes the data is wrong, and with the pressure to stand out in a crowded market, the news is often shrill and poorly analysed. I don’t know if Google can help here, but if they can it will be welcome!

  2. you are talking about streamlining the delivery of content, and nothing about the worldview, the mindset, the assumptions that underlie content of the crap we call the “news” …which is really the “olds” .. same old crap, new package?

    and what about the government mouthpiece aspects of the “news” ?

    google, seeking to streamline the status quo .. as a way of maintaining it better?

    aiyo ..

  3. All terrific suggestions Om, wish I could have been part of that conversation. A few additional thoughts.

    Since Google now operates and regulates YouTube, which is one of the growing resources for journos worldwide, why not an area that has an automatic legal share approval option from the original source to instantly allow news organizations to use (with credit and copyright protection). All of the top international news organizations now require written approval from originators to use their videos, photos, etc. on-the-air and within published/web content. Also, quickly develop 2K and 4K video capabilities, as well as an HD/UHD-ready live streaming for breaking news, special events, etc..

    A key data search bank and calculator would also be a great help; access things like raw F.B.I. crime stats or state health department stats, etc. and have various ways to calculate/sort it to localized reporting interests. Also allows the average reader to sort the raw data and make up their own minds.

  4. You are right Om. Only some media (the smart ones) have invested enough in the right kind of tehnology for their journalism. And those who did, keep it for themselves. Whereas the tohnology giants have realized they need to be open about all of it. Look at Google and how much they invest in talking with the tech community. Chartbeat is fine but it’s still not enough for journalists. I would love to have an app like you suggested. It makes sense. And it’s probably not so terribly hard to do. For Google… or Yahoo 🙂 We could all help them.

    1. I hope they actually think about it and make something that fits the bill. It would be fun to see it in action and see what happens to the news flow. I am betting that it would be a net positive.

      If you have any product+feature suggestions, feel free to share and I will make sure the folks on Google News team see them.

  5. Hey Om – This is the most thorough, complete, and poignant diagnosis of the current information economy I’ve read in weeks! Thank you! I humbly submit that our team at has solved several problems you mentioned, namely discovering micro-news in a context-rich platform in seconds.

    Our solution radically reduces bottlenecks in the information sorting workflow. It’s still in closed beta, but I’m looking for angel capital and strategic advisers, and I would love to work with you. To what email address can I send you our deck? I can be reached at Blessings, Preston

  6. I couldn’t agree more. The Fourth Estate (journalism) had been slowly dying for a while now. Perhaps Google, along with the speed and variety of the internet and bloggers can revive it. We need a powerful fourth estate I just hope smaller and less famous bloggers than Nate Silver get to have their voice heard as well.
    Another way Google can help is in areas like blight and urban sprawl. By using google Maps and overlays I showed the problem of sprawl in my own hometown.

  7. Great idea sir.
    I belive this is what you want them to do: An analytic search or a computational search which works on agent programming concept.
    In real world where in a reporter get info from sources I belive social media to be accurate; Now modelling the real world info source entity as agent programs which would bring up the info, an analytical angent program which would find links between the source info agents and old set of previous and related event of past and present.
    This would make the newflow more dynamic.

  8. I think current news does need a context and those who are older often have some of that context and that can create more wise or informed decisions…….for younger people it would help relate to the issues more deeply. Maturity and wisdom though is not age related but part of the desire to dig deep and not just skim surfaces. But impossible to do that for all the issues that arise .

  9. Fantastic post. Though I am new at WordPress it’s posts like these that inspire me to write more. I hope you can take some time and go through my blog. It’s new but your critique can help me hone my art too. 🙂

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