3 thoughts on “7 Must Read Articles about Apple Smartwatch”

  1. My personal take as a lover of extremely thin and stylish mechanical watches is that it’s too bulky to wear. If it doesn’t slip inside my dress shirt cuff then there is absolutely no way I’d wear one in a business setting.

    In a casual setting, out being active, shopping, hiking, etc, it might be fun to have on my wrist if I could leave my phone at home, but oops, the current design requires a tethered iPhone.

    So my needs: thinner and unteathered. Let’s hope they are already at work on v2.

  2. Your last sentence nails it, Om. Regardless how the procession towards acceptance or rejection, facility, TC and Apple are now a realistic voice in defining a new aspect of fashion and utility. No one else in tech has done that.

  3. The Apple Watch is Apple’s new product strategy for the iPhone. Next up is the Apple Camera (which can also be worn around a person’s neck or wrist in a hipster’ish sort of way). No need for a new device to run apps as the iPod is already available for that (and comes with a wrist strap). Removing the time-telling, photo-taking and app-running out of the iPhone into separate products the iPhone will become what it was always meant to be – a phone to talk with people. Each separated-out wearable product can be charged for which means that the parts are of greater value than the sum and keeps the cash tills humming.

    For the love of whichever higher power, is the Apple Watch really what Apple is about? Is this what the biggest company in the world aspires to? My prediction is that in 12+ months time, it will be seen as a vanity project but Cook will survive as the cash continues to roll in from the other products.

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