8 thoughts on “Invisible Design & Apple”

  1. I am trying to read in between the lines here. Do you think this Apple psychological experiment is relevant, or repugnant? This is much less about advancement of product value than extending a mystique that has now become a commodity.

  2. Great post!

    People often criticize Apple for stealing features/innovations from other platforms such as Android and calling their own. But what some of those people don’t realize is that Apple is able to turn what is simply just a feature on one platform, and turn it into something human.

    Rumor has it that the coming iPhone will support NFC. Of course this has been present on many Android devices for years, but I’m willing to bet that if Apple does in fact support this technology it would be one of many features that get people (like my mom) excited, for the simple fact that Apple will be able to explain the human benefits of the technology vs a feature sheet with “NFC” as a line item. We’ll see!

  3. Really liked the way you connected the abstract feel of Apple’s products to it’s past, present and exciting future! People don’t really know what they want. He was right!

  4. I have an Apple free house. Tomorrow’s announcement won’t change that. One key reason is price vs functionality. Another is maintainability. I am less concerned with buying cool. Others will have different views, of course.

  5. As a/an (originally reluctant) purchaser of mobile phone hardware that wasn’t named after “berries” and sported a physical keyboard, I suspect that those of us who are committed to Swiss timepieces *could* be again reevaluating a landscape that we thought we each understood only days ago.

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