7 thoughts on “Apple has a great weekend”

    1. I believe that the S models have large spikes because they are using established designs. New designs have problems ramping up manufacturing, due to a normal learning curve. “S” models have updated parts (A7 -> A8, M7 -> M8), but all the aluminum, glass etc. are the same are the previous year. And Apple has all the kinks worked out.

    2. I think this is mainly due to availability of components. There is only an internal change with the ‘s’-models, but no change in housing or screen (which seem the limiting factor). Yields are probably also higher after one year.

  1. Also, I believe that Apple excludes any preorders that have not been shipped. In other words, unless a phone has been shipped to an end customer or retailer, it is not a sale. I doubt that this year there is much channel fill, compared to last year and the 5c model.

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