iOS 8 upgrade’s impact on the networks

Earlier today news came out that as of September 21st nearly 46 percent of iDevices have upgraded to the new iOS 8 versus 49 percent who are still using the iOS 7. That is a pretty nifty uptick for an OS that was made available in the market on Sept 17th. According to some reports, a bulk of those upgrades came on the first day the OS was available. Analysis run by Michigan-based network management services provider Deepfield shows the big jump on day one the OS was made available. In comparison to iOS 7 “the jump is way larger than I would have expected,” Craig Labovitz, founder & CEO of Deepfield wrote to me in an email. Larger file sizes and many more millions of iDevices that sold in the past 12 months can explain “the jump.”

A letter from Om

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