7 thoughts on “A Perception of Anonymity”

  1. love that dog’s tail and a pipe analogy Om… I am not sure that “anonymous interaction” even suggests that you will be anonymous to Facebook corp as well, and thus sharing your data. After all Facebook advertising platform Atlas has already shown that it identifies users on their phones using an OS level identifier. If you open FB and “FBAnon” on the same mobile device consider yourself identified.

  2. Hi Om, I like your writing but on my iMac when I press the space bar to go down a page, the page goes up into your OM translucent header and I have to scroll down to get to where I was reading. Keep up the good writing and I’ll try to just uses the “down” key to keep pace with my reading. Enjoy your tea.

  3. When Facebook bought out InstaGram and started selling off user-generated content without users permission (“all your photos belong to us”), I left Facebook for good. I agree totally with your assessment: Facebook has a vested interest in tracking our every mouse click, our every photo, who our relatives and friends are.

    Anything else is just a fancy lie on their part.

    Now, can you get all those stupid websites to stop using the Facebook comment social plugin?

  4. Your continual calling out of what Facebook really is all about is both admirable and rare from a mainstream journalist.

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