Apparently today is the last sequential date till next century! I Today is the last sequential date of my life as well.  I am pretty certain that I would be long gone by the time the next sequential date rolls around. Today is also the official 13th birthday of Gigaom, the blog. I had moved back to New York in October 2001. Being a daily news reporter by sheer nature, blogging was something of an outlet and break from the pace of a monthly magazine. A lot of encouragement from Doc Searls, Dave Winer and later others such as Anil Dash helped me along the way. It has been quite a journey.

I went from being an pro-amateur to being a pro-blogger and now to being an amateur blogger. It has been a wonderful cycle — learning, re-learning and now re-re-learning what blogging means to me. 2014 has been one of the slowest years in terms of my blogging — which is now confined to Om.co. I have politely declined opportunities to blog for others. They were very tempting and I yet might write occasionally. However, frankly blogging for the joy of blogging is liberating.

The blogs are no longer what they used to be, but the blogging philosophy — an inherently personal, passionate, interactive & collaborative act of sharing stories, yourself  and (later) news — is everywhere. If you step away from the polluting notion and toxicity of page views, users and revert back to the basics — the act of writing and sharing with people who have similar values and interests — blogging is a beautiful thing. I made a lot of friends. I met Ev and Matt because of blogs. I met Mike Arrington because of blogs. Blogs changed my life. Blogging, itself, however, made me a better person — open, willing and not afraid of sharing my opinions about things I believed in.

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