Federer goes to Uniqlo

When it comes to men’s tennis, there is no one better, cooler and nicer than Roger Federer. A man of an insatiable appetite for winning (with a smile) and lover of beautiful watches, hit a fierce backhand when after 20-years of being a Nike guy, he switched to Uniqlo. He is getting $300 million to become the global brand ambassador for the budget-brand-from-Japan.

When I read that piece of news, I thought to myself — well, Nike, the cost of doing business is going to rise as it has to compete with non-traditional rivals. But for me, Federer for Uniqlo was a reminder — you can mix-and-match low-cost products (Uniqlo merino sweaters, for example) with high-end (or custom clothing) and create a unique look for yourself.

A letter from Om

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