Now that’s what I call a “product review”

A few months back I lamented about the pointlessness of camera reviews and why they made little sense, thanks to the get-some-views and click bait nature of the reviews. Last week I watched two videos on YouTube that showed how a real camera/lens review should be done. They are two perfect examples of a great review.

  • Leica Summilux 50mm lens review by Analog Insights. The reviewer illustrated the qualities of the lens with actual examples of photos and how the lens rendered them. It might not be a lens everyone is going to buy, but this review is top notch.
  • DJI Mavic Pro2 review by Andy Mumford. Detailed, hype-free and with a lot of footage and photos to showcase the good and the mediocre of this device. Best way to understand the drone before you buy it.

Hopefully, more people who review the cameras and other gadgets take the time to actually properly use them before passing an opinion. I see some of the more respectable reviewers taking a shortcut and unfortunately that not only shows lack of respect for their audience, but also lack of confidence to be ahead of the curve. More importantly, it is vital that people don’t buy gadgets based on hype and then not use them. The environmental cost of electronic waste is as insane as the emissions.

A letter from Om

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