[03.06.2019] The Daily Noted

Here are some of the stories that are hand-picked and worth your precious reading time.

  • Can Ridesharing ever be profitable? And is Lyft IPO worth it? Hubert Horan, a transportation industry veteran has a non-Silicon Valley view of ride-sharing, and that is why his breakdown of the Lyft IPO is worth a look, especially all the comparisons with Uber and its data. This is a good read, but you might need more than 5 minutes to read it.
  • How AI will rewire us? A smart essay in The Atlantic argues that robots will redefine our humanness. It will be no different than how machines have always changed us as people through ages, though this time, the devices will be more advanced.
  • Arlington, Virginia spent $4.1 million on a dark fiber network with hoped to transform the community. No one’s using it.
  • Why women end up on the cutting floor? An insider look at how 60 Minutes cut women’s voices from a segment on girls and women. It is an informative piece because it reflects on the systematic problems in our society and the media is as big a culprit as any big company chief executive.
  • The Yankees still think they’re a Death Star. So why are they not acting like one? Why didn’t they spend a billion dollars on three free agents this year? Why aren’t they spending the money they are making.

The Daily Noted is a collection of my thoughts, links worth following and other ephemera that is worthy of attention. Updated frequently, daily! Photo courtesy of Aga Putra/Unsplash

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