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Baseball season is here. March is already done and dusted. Let’s just say it is time for some serious spring cleaning. And for me, that means clearing out all those links that had piled up in my Pocket account. I have been reading more than usual for the past few weeks, mostly due to my health has slowed me down, and I was forced to take it easy and recover properly.

As an aside, with the clock turning on March, I have been in San Francisco for sixteen years at a stretch, eighteen in total, and yet I don’t feel like it is home. I have formed many great friendships. I have become part of two partnerships. I love the weather. The food scene is fantastic. The medical system in the city is the sole reason I am alive.

And yet, somehow it doesn’t feel like home. I guess when you are born somewhere, grew up elsewhere and are living in another place; you are never sure about the location of your axis, around which your life revolves. Ten years ago, I had the same feelings about San Francisco. This is what I wrote then:

Our physical interaction with a place defines how we feel about that place. New York’s streets and corners have a story attached to them, and I guess that gives a sense of belonging, and in the process act as markers on the timeline called life. I don’t feel that same way about San Francisco, even though I have lived here for ten years. I guess it will always be a place where I live, just not home.

I don’t quite know what will be my next destination.


Pizza Slice 2.0: Talking about New York, a new wave of Pizzerias are making New York Pizza come alive again. As someone who has had many late night slices, it is great to see the traditional pizza getting a new twist. By the way, should pepperoni lie flat or curl up on your pizza?

What happens to alcohol companies when we all want to live a more sober life?: It is a good question, and that is why alcohol companies are looking to invest in many more non-alcoholic beverages. Last I heard, a French-liquor giant has set up a venture arm to invest in new drink ideas.

Can meditation slow aging?: A wonderful exploration into a topic that should be top of mind for all of us who live in a hectic and crazy world, full of notifications and distractions. I personally find meditation better than any drug — it slows down my mind, my body and gives me a chance to find a more human rhythm. I quite enjoyed this story.

The world is running out of sand?: Are you serious? I mean, for real we are going to have a sand shortage when the whole planet is turning into a gigantic wasteland.

How the Ford Mustang became a sixties icon: I despise the modern Mustangs, but the classics are simply fantastic.


I shared a couple of photos on my photo blog this week – How to stop the sea and The Sun breaks through.

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