A December Note

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    1. I have been on Post but I find the whole idea of replicating Twitter a bit tedious 😂

  1. Come on over to Mastodon, we’ll all be waiting for you there! In the meantime, keep the 📰 newsletter going… 👍👍👍📰📰📰

  2. Season’s greetings, Om.

    I’ve poked around with Mastodon and the Fediverse in the past, and can see the potential in both, but for now I’m focusing on getting back into a regular blogging habit over on my own site. I share your hope that WordPress can play a part in growing both the Fediverse and ActivityPub — while the WordPress platform is not without faults, it remains something that I enjoy working with and writing in, particularly so with the Gutenberg editor and full-site editing becoming more mature.

    Your comment about Arc reminded me of the recent NYT article about the ‘teen Luddites’ forsaking social media and smartphones, and responses I’ve read from various bloggers. Changing your browser, or moving to another social network, or swapping your smartphone for a flip-phone, may seem to be easy & quick fixes for the problems we see, but lasting change comes from confronting and changing our own behaviour, recognising bad habits and working to replace them with better ones.

    I see way too many people going all-in on some new app or service in hope it’ll improve their life, only to give up after a while, or worse get lured by yet another app or service. This past year, I’ve been learning how to get the best use out of the tools I already have, and only getting new ones if they’ll be genuinely beneficial.

    1. Alan

      I don’t disagree with making changes to our behaviors. Sadly, it is easier said than done. I think just trying to be a good blogger — aka writing regularly is a big thing and a habit/behavior. I find myself not doing it, because I lost the habit. Anyway, for me, ARC is great when having to use “Chrome,” but I am fairly comfortable with Safari. Not the best, but good enough. I do think ARC has some good product features and is pushing the browser experience forward. It is definitely a welcome addition to the browser landscape and, thus worth recommending.

  3. Om,
    Love to hear from you, and some interesting tech changes by you. I also love three pines and am now getting my wife hooked on it.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.


    1. Paul

      I think we are in the middle of a shift for the Internet itself, and we are going to start to see some changes in how the “older” Internet evolves and how a “newer” internet emerges. Recent emphasis has been on reigniting the older Internet paradigms. I am more keen on how the kids in the future will be using the “network” and adapting to a different information reality that goes beyond the keyboard and static screens.

      PS: So good to learn that you like Three Pines. What a delightful little show it is 🙂

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