WiFi is super fast on 2023 Macbook Pros

4 thoughts on “WiFi is super fast on 2023 Macbook Pros”

  1. Great review. I’m in a similar boat with my M1 MBP. WiFi 6E would be a nice upgrade, but not sure it’s worth it. I might weight for the M3 chips.

    What do you use for your primary network? I’m on Ubiquiti gear currently and currently trying to decide whether to upgrade to U6E access points.

    1. I am currently using the Google Wi-Fi, which is an early version of their router before they mucked it up with Google Home malarkey! The radios on this device are spectacular! I don’t use mesh because they cause issues with older gadgets!

  2. No sure if people are going to drop a grand on a router that might have WiFi 6 (802.11ax) capabilities. To expensive at the moment for most of them. Wait a few years until the price comes down.

    1. Yes most people won’t even notice the difference considering they are on slower networks. It is definitely future proofing the laptops.

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