Big Emps, Low Temps!

8 thoughts on “Big Emps, Low Temps!”

  1. Burrr… So much open space and a sense of adventure. It appears Southwest doesn’t fly there. 🤪 Love the blues/greens in the skies.

    1. Haha, if SW flew, we won’t have that sense of peace there. I appreciate that you like our color toning.

  2. WOW! That was amazing. There is a constant sound in the background, I am assuming it’s the wind.

  3. I love the wide open spaces. Thank you for sharing this. Will hold it against me if I suggest checking the spelling of Antarctica in the title? I am a huge fan of your blog.

    1. David,

      Thank you. And yes, thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. I am about to replace the file 🙂 Appreciate your editing 🙂

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