5 thoughts on “10 Habits of Highly Effective Founding”

  1. -Chances are they will say “Oh like company xyz is doing.”

    As painful as that phrase sounds, it saves a lot of time, effort and money when someone at a beer’d event informs you about the competition.

    Great post!}

  2. Great list. One comment on “1) Confirm your customer constituency before you start.” Do more than confirm the idea with a single customer or close friends. The instantiation of the idea (e.g. PRODUCT) must appeal to a market that will pay real money. If not you don’t have a business. And even if you have 1 or 2 paying cutomers you’ve just done a NRE deal, not built a sustainable standard product business. Learned this lesson the hard way, and with a Fortune-5 company!}

  3. One thing that I’ve always found useful while evaluating the proposition of a new product/service idea is to imagine a day in the life of your customer(s) and simply observe how they go about their daily chores and WHERE & HOW your new idea would change their lives.

    It’s almost like being a video camera on a wall observing how things are getting done today, and how they may change when your customers are using your new product or service.

    Try it, it works for EVERY product!}

  4. Many of us have experienced, at some point, the last bit of Habit #8, “Having some working full time and others part time means mixed commitment levels, which don’t work.”

    This is so true and not many people cover it! Going for it together as a team (complete with sweat, blood and junk food) builds priceless camaraderie.

    On the other hand, if half of the team is away at a nine to fiver while the other half is pushing forward, an unbalanced energy can begin to fester amongst the team, opening the door to resentment and stiff progress.}

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