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  1. Thought the google/motorola article missed the mark. I think google was looking for software parents more than network-related ones.

  2. Poor craftsmen blame the tools.

    CRT F, really. Why do I have to know, why can’t the system in context of un-editbale text start search when I type.

    Bad craftsmen build bad tools and then blame the users. Or is the the brain about organization which builds rules or about rules which build organization. As long as [Google] doesn’t know, bad tools.

    1. +1

      I have always wondered why one needs a “magic” code to get the correct answers in a search? Isn’t the basis for these search engines to make it easy on the user to find things? I write technical manuals and have to interpret Engineer to User. That’s what I think is lacking in search engines . . . the User’s point of view. They’re build by Engineers = questionable (bad) tools made by people that can only see certain things in certain ways and not always how it should be for the end user. It’s just like using a dictionary. You go there to find out how to spell a word, but have a hard time finding it if you don’t know how to spell it . . . Catch 22.

  3. Hey Om,

    Regarding the dvorak article. The efficiency gained from using a dvorak keyboard is very small compared to the amount of effort required to learn the layout and its lack of ubiquity. The gain in the speed is very very small compared to the amount of effort you put to learn it. Dvorak may be the best, but (let’s say) qwerty gives 95% performance of dvorak. Is it worth the switch? Unless your life depends on your typing speed, then I would say no.
    Here is a response from the design guru Don Norman on this topic: http://www.quora.com/Is-the-Qwerty-keyboard-layout-the-most-efficient-one-Or-are-there-better-ones

  4. Hi Om, thanks for linking to our Facebook brand story. I have an open call out for anyone to contradict the somewhat negative picture for Facebook’s effectiveness given by our data, but no takers as yet!

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