8 thoughts on “Guess who is eating Cisco's Wi-Fi lunch”

  1. ARUN currently sports a mighty P/E of 839: Y2K-ish, indeed. Many other technical considerations per trading in ARUN suggest present share price vulnerable. Not to discount the company’s interesting fundamentals. Only to suggest caveat emptor.

  2. The end game is mesh networks – everything talking to everything else – over wireless networks. The network is the machine.

  3. The same Cisco that pompously last year announced vaporware to take on the iPad called the Cius? Unlike the HP TouchPad, the Cius was stillborn.

  4. There are always new competitors for big companies like Cisco & Microsoft every now and then, Companies like Cisco can never just go they always come with better and improved solutions….

  5. Hmmm… And here I thought Aruba missed consensus operating income (oh, that’s right, hype notwithstanding, they did).

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