11 thoughts on “100 Megabits at the Edge”

  1. Most retail ISPs groom their networks to deliver 300 to 400 kilobits to each user regardless of the size of the pipe. Content providers also do the same on the other side to manage their bandwidth use. P2P may be faster, but most HTTP web content will remain in the 300-400 kb range.

  2. Cool – wireless viruses!
    locality based spam!
    More pictures of Paris on the internet from people walking by her!

    the future!

  3. I love the idea of “a bandwidth explosion on the edge”.

    I think there are 3 separate issues here:
    1. ubiquitous computing

    2. effortless connectivity

    3. high bandwidth

    a device like the gumstix can give us #1.

    bluetooth was supposed to give us #2. despite claims to the contrary, bluetooth is still working towards mass-acceptance. the same hype was being spread far and wide about a digital ecosystem of autonomous devices.

    I hope UWB can deliver on #2 and #3. If UWB does what it claims, and can be made very cheaply, then wow i want to be a part of that world.

  4. The question that still needs to be answered for mass acceptance is why do I need this. Yes geeks, HighSchool/College students could adapt it, but why for the general public. Unless they are giving it away and I see the value, I predict this won’t start til 2008 at the earliest.

  5. Another digital divide. In the city, I may have a hundred neighbors within 100Mbps range. In the suburbs, 20. But in the country, I’d be lucky to have 2.

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