6 thoughts on “Skype’s Credit Card problems”

  1. im not surprised. he seems to have an unyielding attraction to skype.

    i wrote a post replying to his post about skype pulling their credit card option for US customers. i said that their cc problems were probably due to chargebacks. he didnt post my response…guess i should have spun my comment into a positive for him huh


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  4. Everytime Skype is mentioned on this blog, there is a negative message. As a regular User of SkypeOut and SkypeIn, I can’t report anything negativ in all these months I use it. Having creditcard problems I only experiance with cc processors in the US, since they have some really wierd system to verify user address and such stuff.

  5. I’ve just had card payment appear on my account for Skype usage that I have never used. Emailed Skype, who replied next day saying it was fraudulent use of the card and to contact my card company for a chargeback.

    Anyone know what is going on?

    Is it that easy to use someone elses card number to charge up your Skype account?

    Surely they must know who’s account the money is going into. Can’t they be traced?

  6. I too had problems buying SkypeOut time from the Skype Store’s web page – tried about six times, and each time my transaction was either cancelled or refused. On a couple of occasions, they put a hold on the money in my credit card, but they did not keep it. It took them two or three weeks, but eventually the funds were returned to my card. Since then, I’ve avoided all these problems by buying SkypeOut time from HGC in Hong Kong, which so far has worked great for me – quick and easy. Try this link:


    Good luck!

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