3 thoughts on “Symbian sleeps with the enemy”

  1. ActiveSync is still light years behind RIM’s Blackberry push-email technology. ActiveSync is still not true push email technology unlike RIM and Good. Right now Good is much more of a threat to RIM than Microsoft and Nokia. Obviously that can change in a second and RIM knows that, so it shouldn’t take this news lightly.

    Anyways Microsoft will still win out in the end by the way of corporations buying their Exchange server program. The more mobile email gets popular the more Exchange licenses Microsoft will sell.

  2. A Treo with VersaMail connecting to an exchange server can do email, contacts (I think) and calendar OTA. It’s not push, but scheduled sync.

    If you use ChatterEmail, you can do push email with exchange or any IMAP server and finally now POP! This is an asynchronous operation and it works with the screen off or behind the active app.

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