30 thoughts on “20,000 Joost Invites for GigaOM Readers”

  1. Thanks for continuing to get these invites out. I have wanted to try Joost for awhile and now I have a chance.

  2. /me send you a big virtual hug,

    ps: the page drop at least 5 internal error before it sent the invitation.

  3. Hey Om,

    this is great and thanks a lot! I received 243 invite requests based on my post about Joost and invited all of them manually, now I can refer them to your page 🙂

    And I gotta say that I’m a big fan of Joost and set up my TV at home with Joost last weekend, works great. Free legal on demand television.

    Cheers, Frederik

  4. Thanks a lot for the joost invite. though i dont have a blog of mine, i will make sure that my friends spread the word through their blogs and forums.
    A big fan of Giga OM 🙂


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