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  1. Does it count if a company has a decent amount of Angel backing, some big dreams, and reasonable (in the black) revenue?

  2. So Mr. Jeeves,

    I see you often respond to Mr. Malik on his blog. And you keep talking about your companies but where are they? I don’t see h them on realtimeenterprise.com — so they must be vapor hitting the paper.

    Anyway, one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant’s in Chicago is Reza’s. Looks like the White Sox are headed to the playoffs this year and with some luck the Cubs might squeek into the Wild Card in the NL!

  3. It’s a very impressive/interesting company with some very nice products… I don’t agree with their keep it absurdly simple model since I’m a power user, but for the mass-class I think their products are brilliant.

  4. In general the principle is that bigger players make simple products that cater to the general audience & smaller innovative & smart companies come out with niche stuff for the power users. (cars are the best example)

    I hope 37signals goes on to become a big player in this field, though i see that as difficult. That, despite seeing the example of google doing well without any publicity (though a lot of distribution).

  5. i think the beauty of their model is their smallness, their virtual status. i think they understand what their end users want, and perhaps its tough for power users or early adopters to understand the simple-is-beautiful virtue of their model, but i just am amazed by the good will they enjoy from their customers. that is the ultimate pay-off. call me old fashioned.

  6. Alright Om – well I got a company for you – pretty sure you know about its existance 🙂 maybe someday it’ll get a mention!

  7. Running a virtual office is no small feat. My company has been running a virtual office for about a year now, with my team mates spread as far south as Miami, and as far north as Houghton, Mi.

    I have looked to Jason and others that demonstrate the success of the virtual office model for suggestions. In fact Basecamp has been a large key to our success of the virtual office. The usability and versatility has made this application a staple in my company.

    Also, Jason has one of the best-combined visions for business, web development and user interfaces in my opinion. Their Blog archive has some great reads on investment vs. boot strapping, focused interfaces, and other virtual office discussions. I think that more companies should listen up to what this small powerhouse is doing.

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  9. True .. customer satisfaction is key – to all business.
    And they almost have a cult like following ..
    another name that come to my mind when thinking of a cult like following is apple – and thats exactly my worry.

    Someday i hope apple’s & 37signals’ simple & intuitive interfaces make it to the common man ..

  10. Well, simplicity doesn’t allways jibe with project management. Their Basecamp system is fine for a flat linear process but can’t help define larger project workflows.

    Not a bad product just doesn’t have enough depth.

  11. Feel pretty close their getting real concept. Small enthusiatic teams can do better products than fortune 500 companies. Check out http://www.citycita.net/blog if you want see where web future is going -> the first open source community website that will GPL his code.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a funny story about two do-it-themselves french guy in china.

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