6 thoughts on “37Signals launches Camp Fire”

  1. Virtually all of these features are available from Skype chat, the ability to have group chats (which can quickly be turned into a conference call), file sharing to multiple people at once, persistant chat and archives, and secure chat. Of course, some people will have issues because their IT department won’t let them install Skype at work, but my guess is that those are the kinds of enterprise people that 37Signals is targeting anyway.

  2. Ugh. They should have cooked the beta a little longer. We’ve been trying to get it to work all evening and it’s chock full of errors. We’ve yet to be able to get two people in the same room simultaneously. It tells us rooms that are open to guests aren’t open to guests, and that empty rooms have too many people in them.

    Not impressed so far. Will try to check back in a week or so, but we’re not switching from Skype as our small business chat environment if this is what we get.

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