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  1. The article on financialization is ill-informed drivel – random observations that are largely incorrect and don’t tie back to how firms make money.

    Has the author of that piece ever looked at the income statement of a big box retailer? Profit on selling products is their primary source of profit, not investment or interest income. Products are cheaper at larger chains largely due to economies of scale in manufacturing, distribution, and retailing – i.e., less hours and dollars of labor and other costs per dollar of product sold.

    Similarly, the marginal cost of putting one more passenger on a plane or one more guest in a hotel is extremely close to zero if that plane seat or hotel room would otherwise be empty.

  2. It still amazes me today that its only back in 1989 and out of frustration Timothy Berners Lee wrote a shareable code. http://

    18 months later, from grass roots support it started to grow in popularity..to an essential part of our daily life today A.K.A. Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc..

    Sir Timothy-Lee-Berners you are eXtraordinary.

    Information with Inspiration

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