7 thoughts on “The Shift: as tablets surge, PCs lose”

  1. The other piece of the puzzle is how fast will people replace their tablets. It seems more likely that it will follow a PC time frame (3-4 yrs) rather than a phone (1-2 yrs) time frame.

    1. If I believe some of the people I know who are not in techland, then it is somewhere in between – 15-20 month time frame for a new tablet. The lower end one gets kicked to the kids, sort of like what happened with the iPhone upgrade model.

      1. I’m sort of guessing that the behavior is in the range of double that of smartphones — 2 cycles. I feel comfortable being a version behind…

        1. Despite being an early adopter, I totally agree with your prognosis. I think it is spot on. I don’t feel compelled to upgrade from iPad 3 for a while. It is one of those things things.

  2. Since Intel didn’t include tablets in their reasoning for lower expectations, does this mean that Intel doesn’t think tablets are impacting their sales?

    Or, does Intel not make reference to tablets because they represent a far bigger threat and they don’t want the financial markets to include this in their evaluations of Intel’s longterm prospects?

  3. Only the paranoid survive.
    Paranoid’s are not exactly know to be rational logic loving people. Makes one wonder who looked to long at their numbers and was to rational about it.

  4. This shows a definite paradigm shift in the industry where corporates and aspiring corporates (young adults) want to be in a position where they are connected all of the time as opposed to when they are with their PC’s or Laptops. A definite key for survival in this sector would be launching tablet offerings as soon as possible before the competition gains headway in an ever changing industry. I found this article http://www.abhirdayaram.com/technology/samsung-needs-to-step-up/ particularly interesting on how Samsung needs to be aware of current trends in the market and how it can possibly recover from its expensive court case against Apple. I recommend that you log on to read more

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