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  1. I must be honest – Solnit’s article on Google busses is one of the most biased and misinformative I’ve seen on the topic to date. Yes, I’m a tech worker. Yes, I live in the Bay Area. But yes, I have serious concerns about what’s happening, and would love to be a bigger part of solving it (aside from the money my wife and I currently give to organizations in Oakland working to fight poverty, lack of education, and sex trafficking). This article, however, is doing nothing of the sort- it is adding fuel to the fire of war when cooperation is what’s needed. Where are the mentions of the Ellis act or rent control? How about discussions of any of the benefits provided by these companies? I’m not saying that the article is without merit – but I am saying that I expect a bit more balance, intelligence, and analysis from a person such as yourself, Om. Shame on you.

    1. It is a contrarian point of view and sometimes we don’t have to agree. But I think it is how rest if the mainstream views us in the valley. It is unfortunate that it has come to that, but then we can turn a blind eye. My job as a curator is to make you read, think and ponder. I think I did this. I am not endorsing her or anyone else’s opinion.

  2. Thanks for your response, Om. I do agree that most in the tech industry are rather blind to the problem and the perception in the mainstream. May I then suggest that future articles might discuss more in the way of solutions or, at least, better evidence? There are examples available of SF-based tech companies who are engaged civically as well as economically. I worry that most who read Solnit’s article would encounter its bias and lack of facts, and dismiss it as Luddite whining (as some of it is), completely missing the truths of the issue.

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