177 thoughts on “Now that Gigaom is all grown up, it's time for the next chapter”

  1. Congratulations Om. Promise us that you won’t ever stop speaking the truth when others are reluctant to. It is this reason that has made me a huge fan of you and your voice. All the best on your next chapter!

  2. Sad for us, regular ‘deadline news’ readers, and happy for you.
    Thanks for your very unique voice and thinking outside the box on daily basis.
    Am sure you’ll bring it with you to the next chapter.
    Happy trails and best of luck!

  3. Good luck to you in your big new venture, Om. You and your team have delivered high quality content and ideas for years, and those of us consuming the news are better for it. Thanks for being a thoughtful and sharp Silicon Valley player.

  4. Great job Om! Sure we will get to hear you one way or the other. You have been humble, incisive and to the point in your articles and how GigaOm has conducted itself. Cannot say that of many others in the field. Good luck

  5. Congrats Om. I’m sure you feel like you’re on top of the world right now. Looking forward to see the next phase.

  6. I know we go back to our Red Herring days but being part of the initial build up of Gigaom with you and the others has been a total thrill ride!

    Go Red Sox!


  7. Thanks for all the articles and gigaom… I started reading it from the very early days and still keep coming here specifically for your articles. So good to hear that you will continue to write 🙂 Best of luck! Enjoy!

  8. Best of luck on your new ventures Om. For what it’s worth, your honesty, work ethic and respectful approach to covering tech has had a big impact on me. Cheers!

  9. Bravo! I can’t whine about reducing time spent at the tasks of business – or complain about you having more time for private, personal discoveries on your own time, at your own pace. It’s what I’ve been doing for eleven years, now.

    But, I will miss a reduced number of opportunities to read, listen, reflect upon your vision of this fascinating life around us.

    I will enjoy what we can share even more.

  10. Interesting, I find a lot of tech guys “have a fondness for electronic/global music”. In fact, just saw Shpongle last night. Something in our DNA?

  11. Good for you Om. They’re all the same stories over and over again. You won’t miss a thing! I very much enjoy reading your writing so please do keep it up.

  12. Love that mantra which doesn’t always fit Silicon Valley–

    “Others don’t have to lose for us to win.”

    Good luck with your next adventure.

  13. Congratulations on all your great achievements here with GigaOM! Wishing you all the best in your new role!

    We met almost a decade ago… its been great watching you come this far! Cheers – V.

  14. We couldn’t be more grateful for all you have contributed, not only to the industry, but to the battle for common sense. I know I speak for many when I say the trust we have for you is unparalleled and we’ll miss your day-to-day comments. I look forward to this next chapter!

  15. Congrats, Om! I remember well the days back in the early 2000s when a handful of us were blogging about VoIP – and there you were with your ideas to build something so much bigger… which you did! Congratulations on a job extremely well done – and I look forward to seeing what comes next for you!

  16. Congrats! Om has set himself, as usual, an even higher bar for success in his next chapter when measured against those other journalists-turned-VCs 🙂 (Was Moritz the first?)

  17. Hey Om,

    Thank you so much for your years of service to your readers! I am relieved to know you will still be writing. Your broad understanding and deeper insights into the business are quite valuable. Good luck in your latest “venture”.

  18. Congratulations fellow-Delhi and Stephens friend! Will Miss your Gigaom Posts and hope you will keep up the writing therapy for the sake of your readers and fans.
    I love your quote at the end:…

  19. Om:

    What a brilliant, influential, and humane contribution as a journalist. I hope you inspire legions of entrepreneurs in this next phase.

  20. Om, sweet and sour for me. It takes a lot of courage to leave a company you’ve founded – I think you are making the right move and can be proud of what you’ve build. Congrats! I will however miss your news analysis and the stories you shared as an entrepreneur. You are the first site I go to when major tech announcements are made – you always seem to be one step ahead of anyone else when it comes to understanding what’s really happening inside these companies and markets. You are a great person and am rooting for your success! Thank you Om and good luck!

  21. Om, I’ve been reading your site for years. Reading about startups inspired me to leave Apple, your coverage of the news industry motivated me to found Inkfold, and your story about Matter led to my first investor. Thank you for everything.

  22. I only learned about GigaOM last year and became an avid reader. Love your 7-stories posts. Best wishes on your next endeavor.

  23. End of an era, but the end of your byline. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from the keyboard.
    Best of luck buddy. Proud of you.

  24. End of an era, but not the end of your byline. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from the keyboard.
    Best of luck buddy. Proud of you.

    1. David

      Thanks for being a believer back when no one offered a chance. Thanks for giving a helping hand and teaching me the lessons of life and journalism 🙂 I have tried hard not to let you down and as I leave the profession — I so so with head held high and with pride that comes from making my teacher (you) proud.

  25. Congrats! Seems like the right next step on a great life path. Come to Seattle, will get you tickets when Yankees are in town. You can see “Cano” play here instead of NYC… 🙂

  26. Om — We really don’t know each other but I look up to you as a fellow journalist for your intelligence, integrity. and from what I can tell — a true love for the work you do. Thanks for setting the bar for the community — your precedence serves us all.

  27. Om, you’re the man in the arena! Thanks for all the writings and good times, from B2.0 days.
    Best of luck and keep posting the “What am I reading..”

  28. Happy for you Om; take it easy! & please keep writing your free-spirited gems. Best of luck for your next chapter.

  29. Om,

    Congrats. You were one of the first folks in tech media to believe in what we were doing at CB Insights and in our data so wanted to say thanks. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures on the “dark side” 🙂

    Congrats again.


  30. Om, you rock. That’s whyom I’m sad you’ll no longer be involved with GigaOm as a daily journalist. But, as a long-time beneficiary of your professionalism and dedication, I have no doubt that you have earned the right to a saner lifestyle. I wish you all the best as you acclimate yourself to new habits, like sleeping through the night.

  31. Congratulations Om, I have always enjoyed speaking with you at your conferences and TechCrunch about my latest endeavors, books and companies. You’ve always been a kind person, and I wish you best of luck on your new endeavor at True Ventures and hope all your investments succeed long term. Stay the same person and true to your goals!

    Nitish Kannan
    CEO/Founder http://www.circlepluspayments.com

  32. Best wishes. Will miss you 7 stories to read this weekend — always had interesting content. Enjoy the summer vacation (just kidding).

  33. All the very best Om.

    And when you finally decide to hang up your “boots”, join me as planting partner – we will plant some trees.

    The world needs it.

  34. I connect to your last ending line and glad that you thought ahead of pageviews.
    Good luck.
    On another note would it be correct to say that content on its own cannot stand as a long term business along with keeping the editorial freedom.

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