16 thoughts on “8 Tips On How To Get Mentored!”

  1. Great stuff.
    At the moment, I am getting mentord by two people, one of whom I have known for ages but the other person I only met recentlly. To build our relationship, I drew on my memory of when I got along with one of my favorite teachers from high school…I thought about how I got his attention, what were the questions that I asked, how involved did he get with my work, what does he like to do? Those type of questions.
    Personally something else that mentors bring to the table, are contacts. These mentors might not have money but hopefully great advise and even better contacts.}

  2. These tips are great for everyone. Regardless of the area in our life that we seek to improve, mentors a re a valuable resource. Appreciating the relationships really is the key to getting the most out of our mentor 😉

  3. Hi Larry:

    Great information. I just started my undergrad program at DePaul University and I’m looking for a mentor to help steer me in the right direction regarding my Concentration in marketing, business and management.

  4. Hello, thank you for your comments!

    I’m 21 and I live in the Western New York region.
    I’m interested in business ideas, real estate, and investing.

    I’m ready to become a protege to someone, in fact a friend of a friend is a millionaire who works with RE I believe but the problem is that he is “too busy”. I want to talk to him and have more people at my disposal to talk to about these subjects because I really do believe that mentorship is smoothest way to develop. During your crappiest moments when you feel like giving up they can be the ones to say, “I was in your position too, many times and I made it through, so can you!”

    Where would I be able to find more people of this nature?

    What suggestions do you have for books or movies I should read about mentorship, business, RE, and investing?

    The suggestion I’m def going to try is the follow up snail mail method. I think this is an awesome personal way to impress a mentor, when I get one. Would you like to be my mentor?

    Thank you

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