11 thoughts on “Asterpix Says Forget Hypertext, Think Hypervideo”

  1. Or… you could just use SMIL.

    SMIL a markup language, like HTML, that lets you do all sorts of cool things with Video… including hyperlinking.

    The advantage of SMIL is that it is very similar to HTML… so all the countless people who know HTML could pick up SMIL in a day or two. (Some could probably pick it up in 10 minutes.)

    Also, it is a completely open technology (like HTML)… owned by no one… so you aren’t locked into one company. (To have them charge you for the privilege of using it.)

    With SMIL you can even create those cool DVD menu systems…. Wouldn’t that be cool if every Videoblog and Internet TV show would create something as sophisticated as those DVD menu system… on the Web… by just using a markup like HTML.

    — Charles Iliya Krempeaux

  2. SMIL is a markup language for expressing information but it does not identify or track objects in a video. Just like search engines must do the heavy lifting of searching the web, even if they may present the results in HTML.

  3. yes quicktime supports this capability. the heavy lifting lies in tracking the objects in the video not in expressing the results in quicktime or SMIL format (see my earlier comment)

  4. Thanks Mark, for that interesting bit on the tech aspect of Hypervideo. Overall, I think it’s an interesting jump for video advertising and also video sharing in general.

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